[BrokenVision] Broken inspection system of solar cell

Key Benefits[한글]brokenVision_장비

  • Inspect the wafer edge for the Broken defect and identify if the product is Good or Bad.
  • Images of defected wafers are stored in a PC, whereby information including sizes and positions of defected wafers are recorded and managed.
  • All the test processes including grabbing, inspection and recording are automatically performed after initial setting, and automatic mode and manual mode may be selectively used as occasion arises.
  • External Digital I/O


System Configuration

Modules H/W S/W
Broken Vision Camera, Light, USB Dongle Inspection S/W


Detail Items Specification Detection Note



Camera Image Size 1.4M pixels(1280×960)
FOV 213mm x 160mm
Pixel resolution 0.167mm
Interface USB 2.0
Light Backlight Supply Voltage : 15V
Output Current(DC) : 1A(max)
Interface : RS485
Operating Temperature : 0~80℃
External I/O Digital I/O 16 channel input16 channel output
Vision Spec Surface defect Broken >2mm x 2mm

Applicable Solar Wafer

Item Detail
Wafer types Mono Crystal / Multi Cristal
Size 5”(125 x 125) / 6”(156 x 156)
Slicing Method Slurry wire cut, diamond wire cut

 User Interface

BrokenVision<Broken Vision>

Camera Spec

Modules Main Component Pixel Size
BrokenVision CCD Sensor 3.75㎛ x 3.75㎛


Items Detail
Throughout 2100 wafers / hour
Conveyor Speed 300mm/sec

Defect Image

Defect<Defect> no_defect<No Defect>

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