[SawMark] – Surface SawMark Inspection S/W for Front End Solar cell Inspection Process


SawMark_passKey Benefits[한글]  

  • Satisfying the standard British Standard BS EN50513.
  • Wafer inspection software for Solar cell front end.
  • Inspect the wafer surface for the step, groove, slope type  defect and identify if the product is Good or Bad.
  • Save the profile of the wafer inspection and inspection results can be used the QC.
  • Simulation test using a saved profile.




 Item Specification Note
Defect Type Step / Groove / Slope
Sensor Type Non-contact optical
SawMark Defect >5㎕
Throughput 3600 / hour


Applicable Solar Wafer

Item Detail
Wafer types Mono Crystal / Multi Cristal
Size 5”(125 x 125) / 6”(156 x 156)
Slicing Method Slurry wire cut

System Configuration

  • SawMark S/W (CD)
  • Manual


User Interface


 < SawMark >

Defect Image

SawMark_pass SawMark_fail
< defect Image > < defect Image >


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