VGA 30FPS Stereo Camera



Introduction  (한글)

OjOcamStereo is a stereo camera that takes a 640×480 (VGA) sized image at 30fps. The captured images are delivered to a PC via the USB 2.0 interface, and can be used to test various stereo algorithms. OjOcamStereo is capable of controlling various camera parameters (as like exposure time, sensor gain etc.) which are adjusted individually or simultaneously, and also supports the synchronization of two cameras


Specification of OjOcamStereo

  • Camera : MT9M111 (Micron)
  • Frame rate : 30FPS
  • Image resolution : VGA(640×480)
  • Camera Parameter Setting : supported
  • Synchronization : supported
  • Current Consumption : 190~240mA
  • Shutter Speed of cameras to be controlled individually
  • Camera gain to be controlled individually
  • Use of USB 2.0 as the PC interface
  • Use of lenses of various focal length


Specification OjOcamStereo-VGA30-U2
Image Sensor Type MT9M111
Baseline 116mm
Focal Lengths
A/D Converter 8bit analog to digital converter
White Balance Automatic/Manual
Frame Rates 30FPS
Interfaces USB2.0  isochronous
Voltage Requirements 5V via USB interface
Power Consumption 190~240mA
Gain Automatic/Manual
Shutter Automatic/Manual
Trigger Modes None
Signal To Noise Ratio -
Dimensions 150x47x37mm
Camera Specification
Lens mount M12
Emissions Compliance -
Operating Temperature 20~60˚

 Dimensional Drawings(in mm)

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