[wChart] Calibration Chart available in IR Region



wChart (한글)

wChart is software and chart for camera calibration. Camera calibration is the process that calculates intrinsic parameter of camera.

  • Printing on the glass gives outstanding flatness and resistance to change of temperature/humidity(Only Large Size)
  • Calibration S/W enables even beginner to do easy and accurate calibration
  • Chart can be used for IR Camera and regular Visible Camera
  • 2 types by size (medium, large)



Module Inspection Specification Detection
HW Specification Size Pattern - Medium : 300mm x 330mm
- Large : 500mm x 550mm
OverallSize - Medium : 374mm x 404mm
- Large : 574mm x 624mm
*including border 그림1
Pattern Chess Board (9×10 corner points)
Weight    - Medium : TBD
- Large : 4.5kg(10lbs)
Material Glass
SW Specification OS Windows XP / Vista / 7  32bit, 64bit

* Provide customized service for Size , Pattern

Applicable Fields

  • Calculation of distortion coefficient in lens
  • Calculation of intrinsic parameter in camera

Software Screenshot calibration chart1

System Configuration   Calibration Chess Chart + Calibration Software

wChart Manual : 

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