[VisionPRS]High utilization object recognition system in various fields

VisionPRS  [한글]

  • A Vision Pattern Recognition System finds certain images, characters or trained objects on image and offers the position and other Information.

Key Benefits

  • Available on both laptop and PC
  • Recognized result will be recorded and managed as data.


System Configuration

Modules H/W S/W
Micro Crack Camera, Line Light, Computer WaferVision Host
WaferVision Client
Geometry Top Camera, Line Light, Computer
Geometry Bottom Camera, Line Light, Computer



Module Inspection Detail Items Specification  
HW Specification Camera Image Size 1.4M pixel(1280 x 960) 5M pixel
FOV 213mm x 160mm
Pixel resolution 0.167mm
Interface USB 2.0 USB 3.0
Image OjO OjO
Light BackLight  Supply Voltage : 15V
 Output Current(DC) : 1A(max)
 Interface : RS485
 Operating Temperature : 0~80˚C
External I/O Digital I/O 16 channel input
16 channel output
 Vision Spec


User Interface

VisionPRS UI


Defect Image

model result
< Model > < Result >


Camera Spec.

Module Main Component Pixel Size
VisionPRS CMOS Image Sensor


Applicable Fields

Items Detail
Solar cell Stain, Crack, Chipping, Broken
Semiconductor Stain, Crack, Chipping, Broken
Other various patterns are available for inspection


Brochure : VisionPRS brochure.pdf


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